Joni Inkinen

Joni Inkinen

Zdravo Matevz!

Thank You Matevz for the awesome week!
We did experienced much more than last year when we were in Slovenia with out guide. We see next Year again =)
You can read more of our trip to Slovenia here:
(link to heresmile.gif

Ville Kiviniemi

Ville Kiviniemi

Thank you Matevz, it truly was the best fly fishing week ever! Amazing landscapes, gin clear waters and challenging fishing. Also Matevz is the coolest guide I have met! Hope we see again soon.

Best regards

Ville Kiviniemi

Aleksi Kiviniemi


Thank you for the great fishing trip we had! smile.gif You were a great guide and a great mate, wouldn't have thought you could have understood that well our sick Finnish sense of humor ^^

Fishing was challenging in Slovenia, but also when we were able to catch one fish, it was a achievement.. Gladly I had the luck to catch the biggest fishes smile.gif But your guidance on fishing made me learn how to fool those fishes, tho I had already quite much experience on fishing, but none of fishing in Slovenia..

I'm sure we will meet again someday in Slovenia and we will catch even bigger fishes smile.gif



Karri Tuomainen and Tuomas Kestilä

"Moi Matevz! It was so much fun to flyfish with you. The crystal clear rivers and the amazing nature made our trip unforgettable. Thank you so much for the guiding. In Slovenia We learned a lot about the behavior of the Fish. Without your expertise we would have caught hardly any grayling, marble/rainbow trout.
Me and Tuomas are hoping to see you in the near future. Greetings from cold Tampere."

Yours, Karri

Davorin Horvat

Ljudska modrost pravi, da »prvič« ne pozabiš nikoli.
Jaz sem prvič muharil na »bistri hčeri planin«, na Soči, pod budnim očesom odličnega muharskega vodiča. Ob primernih urah dneva sva muharila na dobro izbranih mestih. Tam, kjer so naju čakale soške lepotice (vrste: lipan, šarenka in kraljica soška postrv), sva jim ponudila preizkušene muhe, ki jih ribe niso uspele ignorirati.
Matevž, hvala ti za nepozabno muharsko doživetje!

Davorin Horvat

David Siegel

"I have known and fished with Matevž for over ten years. He was already a master fisher when we met, yet what I value more is his ecological ethic. His custodianship extends beyond a healthy fishery to include the entire region's ecosystem preservation. Like the Soča postrv, Matevz is a national treasure. I hope you are blessed enough to find yourself in his company on the river when in sLove."

David Siegel
Oakland, California, USA

Juuso Aaltonen

"Thanks for the best flyfishning day that i got in my fishing career. Fly fishing in slovenia was so much different that i have use to but with Matevz i got idea of fishing immidiately. I can recoment guide also for more experienced fly fishermans, That guy really knows rivers and flyfishing method like his own pockets. Thanks again Matevz i hope i could come back in Slovenia next summer.

Best Regards Juuso Aaltonen Finland"

Mikko Vaitilo

"Guiding and all the services where great! All you needed, you got plus some extra. Matevz was really friendly and helpful, and he sure know what to do and where to go if you want to catch the big ones. He's not only a guide, he can also provide all the other thing what you need in good fishing trip, for example great place to spend the nights. My choice for a guide for next fishing trip in Slovenia is clear."



Mikko Koivuniemi

" He´s Fantastic and Great guide !" = )

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