I'm Matevž Jus. I was born in 1978. As my father is a passionate fisherman, I started fishing just after I started walking. My first solo fly fishing day was in 1988 on the Lepena River - a small, drinkable, light-bottomed Soča tributary that runs through untouched nature. Since then, sight fishing is the only way of fishing for me. Because of my starting location, I'm pretty spoiled and quite sensitive about cleanliness. I really like nature, all animals and especially fish/salmonids. I try to be as one with nature as possible, to observe and study fish behavior in their natural environment, and using that knowledge to interact with them in order to catch and release them unharmed (unless I'm hungry). To make this possible, I search for clean and clear water rivers with light bottoms. That is why 80% of the time I fish on the Soča River and its tributaries (all together over 100 km of river). Otherwise, I stick to fishing areas closest to the river source (the cleanliness marks and fish species in the galleries are meant for those parts). I have decades of fly fishing experience in that area which in my opinion is one of the best areas for sight fly fishing in this part of Europe. I also know most of the clean Slovenian rivers and a few in the former-Yugoslavian area.
I have been 'guiding' friends and random fishermen I've met while fishing (mainly English speaking foreigners) since 1993. My first official guiding was in 2004.
I'm looking forward to help you explore the secret beauties of clean Slovenian clear water creeks and rivers.

Yours sincerely,


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